Load Test Pile Foundation

Load Test Pile Foundation

Load On Piles

Load test pile foundation can be arranged in a number of ways so that they can support load imposed on them. Vertical piles can be designed to carry load test pile foundation as well as lateralloads. If required, vertical piles can be combined with raking piles to support horizontal and vertical forces. Often, if a load test pile foundation is subjected to vertical force, then the calculation of load distribution on single pile that is member of the group is assumed to be the total load divided by the number of piles in the group.

Under Reamed Pile Foundation

Under Ream Piles

The purpose of under reamed pile foundation is to transmit a foundation load to a solid ground to resist vertical, lateral and uplift load. A structure can be founded on piles if the soil immediately beneath its base does not have adequate bearing capacity. If the results of site investigation show that the shallow soil is unstable and weak or if the magnitude of the estimated settlement is not acceptable, a pile foundation may be considered. Further, a cost estimate may indicate that a under reamed pile foundation may be cheaper than any other compared ground improvement.

Bored Compaction Pile Foundation

Bored Compaction Piles

bored compaction pile foundation are the modification of under-reamed pile. These piles are bored cast in situ pile foundation which combine the advantages of both bored and driven pile. The method of boring the piles and concreting the pile is the same as that for the under-reamed pile, except that the reinforcement cage is not placed in the bore hole before concreting. After the concreting is over, the reinforcement cage is driven through the freshly laid concrete.

Bored Pile Foundation

Bored Piles

The bored compaction pile foundation is one of the modern techniques used by us for building of various structures and building types. Bored pile is normally used for tall buildings and industrial complex in a depth of 50 – 55m. This type is highly used in all types of soil that includes weather rock soil and rock soil. The steel casings in the structure helps in drilling as well as removing the soil thereby making a strong pile foundation.

Driven Cast in Situ Pile Foundation


Driven cast in situ pile foundation are three non-displacement mehtods: bored cast- in – place piles, particularly pre-formed piles and ground or concrete intruded piles. Driven cast in situ pile foundation are considered to be displacememnt piles. In the process of driving the pile into the ground, soil is moved radially as the pile shaft enter the ground. There may also be a component of movement of the soil in the vertical direction.


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